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Police and firefighters often have to do work that involves being in dangerous environments. That can mean dark areas where extra light is needed, working on the sides of the road where safety apparel comes in handy, or trudging through places with heavy duty boots. Staying safe and comfortable on the job means having the right gear. Below are some things that every officer should carry with them just in case.

1. FoxFury Helmet Light

FoxFury helmet lights are a great tool for situations where visibility might not be the best. They are easy to use and create a bright beam of light that can make it easier to navigate dark spaces. They simply wrap around your helmet and stay in place, projecting light wherever you go. FoxFury helmet lights are wonderful for firefighters who have to enter dark and smoky buildings because they enhance visibility while keeping your hands free.

2. Lightweight Boots

A good pair of lightweight, but sturdy boots can be a big help. You want something that can stand up to the elements and protect your feet without weighing you down. When trudging through the wreckage of a fire or wandering in the woods during a search, you want a pair of boots that can protect you and keep you moving. It's always a wise choice to choose waterproof boots of some kind, just in case.

3. Vest Coolers

Being safe is important, even if it means wearing hot gear in the middle of the summer. Protective vests might be uncomfortable in the heat, but they are often a necessity. Keep in mind that there are three main types of high-visibility vests to choose from: off-road, roadway, and public safety. That's where vest coolers come in handy. Cooling vests help keep your temperature in a comfortable range while you're out doing your job. They even come with chargers that can be hooked up your cruiser so that you don't have to worry about the power running out while you're out in the work force.

4. Medical Carrying Equipment

Being able to carry medical gear with you is an important part of any emergency job. You never know when someone will need medical assistance and when you will need to have medical gear on hand. Having carrying equipment that makes it easy to have these items on hand could save a life. It's also wise to have self aid medical gear with you in case you are injured and waiting for help.

Working as a cop or a firefighter in some of the hardest work there is. They often present tough situations that require special gear. Having these items on hand or on your body can make doing your job easier and more efficient. Being able to provide the best service and care to the citizens you protect starts with having the best gear possible.