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When you choose a career in law enforcement or the military, it is not often a conscious choice. For those that serve, it is a calling with a deep desire to protect those you love. That's why you deserve to be protected.

Today, the tactical and service clothing industry make a hefty profit of $947 million annually. This means that companies are continually trying to improve personal protective gear in order to stay ahead of their competitors. As such, there is a multitude of clothing options for service members.

From everything to stirrup shirt stays, cooling shirts, and waterproof boots, there is no end to the items that can help you stay safe and comfortable as you protect your country and city.

  1. Stirrup Shirt Stays
    It may seem like a small piece of clothing, but every little piece helps when you are out on patrol. Furthermore, stirrup shirt stays help you maintain a professional and neat appearance. When you project the look of a professional, you are telling others you can be trusted and are in control. Such a display is necessary for your chosen profession.

  2. Cool Cop Body Armor Air Conditioning System
    Uniforms are necessary and, like stirrup shirt stays, help to project an appearance of professionalism and control. They are also thick and hot. A cool cop body armor air conditioning system keeps your body temperature cool and comfortable so you can focus on those long patrols. Keeping your focus on the job and not on how uncomfortable you are can help you better protect yourself and others.

  3. Danner Footwear
    For a service or law enforcement member, you are often on your feet all day. Not only do you need comfortable shoes, but you also need something that is sturdy on difficult terrain. On top of being comfortable and sturdy, you need breathable and lightweight materials. Danner striker boots and Danner patrol boots offer all these specifications and more. They are a vital piece of tactical gear to keep in your style repertoire.

  4. Eleven 10 Gear
    When it comes to saving your life, every second is important. Any gear that can help you stay alive should be within easy and quick reach. An eleven 10 gear case can fit on your duty belt to save you precious time when reaching for your tourniquet. Don't go out on patrol without it.

  5. Foxfury Headlamps
    There is no 9-to-5 when it comes to serving your city and country. You will be called out at night and being able to see clearly is vital for acting effectively. Foxfury headlamps and helmet lights allow you to see further while keeping your hands free. They are durable and steady on rugged or difficult terrain as well as offering panoramic views of any scene you are called out to.

You've chosen a career that is fraught with challenges and danger. It is a career that is beyond rewarding and one that offers an unparalleled sense of purpose. There is nothing you would rather do. There are many items and gear options that can aid you in your mission to protect and serve your country and city. Find what best suits your career and purposes today and always be prepared.