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Heavy duty boots are designed for tough duties to help keep the wearer safe, agile and comfortable. They are usually worn by military service members, law enforcement professionals, safety workers, security pros, and special ops. They are also good for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting.

Heavy duty boots are part of tactical police uniform as they offer protection from water, mud and other hazards in the field. Many people are taking up outdoor activities such as hiking which had 44.9 million participants in 2017 and was ranked the fourth-most popular outdoor activity in the United States.

There are several characteristics you should check to ensure you get the right hunting boot or hiking boot for your next outdoor adventure or tactical boot for your job.

Characteristics Of A Good Heavy Duty Boot

  • They should be breathable by having a wire mesh that provides good airflow. This makes them comfortable and cool, no matter the work you are doing and the period you wear the boots.
  • They should be lightweight so that you don’t feel heavy while moving and slow you down.
  • They should be flexible and firm to be able to adapt to any terrain or surface you are working or walking on.
  • They should be slip-resistance to prevent accidents and falls on ice, slick liquid or greasy surfaces.
  • The sole should have a firm grip and made of rubber to minimize noise when you are walking.
  • The upper part should be sturdy and tough to protect your ankles from injuries that may be caused by sharp or protruding objects.
  • They should be reliable and durable with good zippers and strong stitching that won’t break easily under pressure.
  • They should not be tight fitting to prevent blisters forming on your feet or stressing the joints and tendons which can cause plantar fasciitis after prolonged use. However, they should also not be too loose as this can also cause the same problems. You should test the boots before buying to ensure they fit properly.

For Choosing Heavy Duty Boots

Whether you are looking for hiking boots or hunting boots or military boots or any other tactical boot that will endure an activity, these tips will guide you to make the right choice. Law enforcement professionals who are required to wear full tactical police uniform while on certain duties should have the best boots to ensure maximum productivity. People who like engaging in outdoor activities should invest in a good pair of heavy duty boots.

Durability should be on top of your checklist. Heavy duty boots for men and women should be made to last as they are meant for pretty tough conditions. Right from the sole, stitching to the fabric used, check for the best quality that won’t let you down in the field.

The second thing you should consider is whether the boots are weatherproof. Choose waterproof boots that can be worn in any weather conditions. The best-rugged boot for outdoor activities should be able to withstand snow, storm, mud, sand, and sun.

Ensure that you choose lightweight boots that are preferably made from leather. Leather is flexible and it adapts to the shape of your feet as you continue wearing the boot. This will ensure that the boots are comfortable and they don’t cause wounds or callous feet.

Police boots should conform to specific tactical police uniform regulations. Should have good traction and be black in color to look professional. Military personnel combat boots should meet uniform regulations as per the branch and be comfortable for when missions. EMTs and firefighters should have boots that provide protection from fluids, fire and crushing objects.