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Shirt stays are the secret heroes of men's clothing. These handy elasticized accessories keep men's shirts tucked in all day long without the need for constant readjustment. Without them, shirts tend to billow up around the waistline and create an unprofessional effect. Shirt stays are especially important in the military, as each member needs to look sharp and clean at all times while maintaining a high level of activity. Discover these different types of military shirt stays that can help civilians and soldiers alike keep their shirts neatly tucked.

Straight Shirt Stays

Straight shirt stays are the most basic and traditional version. They typically come in a set of four elastic stays, each with clips at both ends. Two stays are used for each leg and all four stays attach to the tail of the shirt. On each leg, one stay will attach to the front and one to the back. Every stay is worn on the outside part of the leg for convenience and comfort.

Y-Clip Shirt Stays

This type of military shirt stays differs from the straight version in its construction. As you may guess from the name, these shirt stays are in the shape of a "Y" and will make the letter right-side up when you wear them. When you buy them, they will come as 2 piece Y type shirt stays. One piece is used for each leg. The end with one clip attaches to your socks and the end with two attaches to your shirt tails. This type of shirt stays also goes on the outside of the leg, typically along the side.

Stirrup Shirt Stays

While the first two options require that you clip the bottom end to the top of your socks, stirrup shirt stays skip the trouble of those clips coming unattached. The bottom parts of these shirt stays are shaped into loops. You insert your foot into the loop as you would into the stirrups of a saddle, creating a more secure attachment to your leg. The top part is still shaped like a "Y" with two clips that attach to your shirt tails.

While military shirt stays are designed with members of the official organization in mind, anyone who needs their shirt to stay in place can benefit from them. They are especially useful for those who move around a lot on their daily job, such as a construction worker or laborer who typically walks more than 30,000 steps per day. Contact BG Uniforms today to find the shirt stays that are right for you.