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The country may still be in the throes of winter, but sunny days will be bringing warm temperatures before you know it. Rather than letting this seasonal shift take you by surprise like it usually does, be prepared with the right patrol gear.

After all, the service and tactical clothing and manufacturing industry averages an annual revenue of $947 million. With such a large industry full of the perfect gear, you need a strategy for picking the right pieces. Pay attention to these aspects the next time you shop for summer patrol gear.

Breathable Material

You won't have the right gear if it isn't made of the right materials. Not even the perfect design or fit can counteract the effect of a material that doesn't allow for any airflow. When you're looking for a tactical police uniform, keep an eye out for shirts that are constructed with moisture wicking fabrics and breathable panels. Be sure to pick lightweight boots, shirts, and pants as well so that every inch of your uniform is suited for your line of work.

Some police departments allow for casual wear, but these same basic guidelines still apply. Polo shirts are a great option for those looking for more casual pieces. You probably associate the polo shirt with golfers or boaters and for good reason. Polo shirts are made with knit fabric, in place of woven materials, making them more comfortable and breathable in the heat.

Fabric Technology

Technology is truly everywhere, even in tactical police gear. Fabric technology has been continually evolving, allowing police uniforms to be simultaneously lighter and stronger. Uniforms that incorporate fabric technology can do all of this while withstanding extreme weather and tactical conditions.

The perfect example of police gear using fabric technology is the Cool Cop gear line. Cool Cop cooling shirts are designed from poly-nylon fabric infused with carbon fibers. This design helps to wick away moisture, mitigate body odors, and keep you dry and comfortable. To accommodate the tight-fitting nature of a ballistic vest, this shirt includes breathable panels. For a comprehensive cooling method, the Cool Cop air conditioning system connects to the cooling shirt to keep your body in a constant state of comfort.

Whether you're looking for police gear, military uniforms, or durable hiking equipment, turn to BGuniforms. Contact us today to place an order or answer any questions you may have.