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Bates Tactical Boots & Dress Shoes

Whether designed for tactical or more formal use, Bates tactical combat boots and dress shoes are always constructed with breathability and weight in mind. Each pair of Bates boots or shoes features a breathable mesh lining to keep your feet comfortably dry for hours on end. The cement construction of each pair of Bates tactical boots gives the sole a style and function that’s almost athletic in nature, meaning you have the flexibility and support you need for motion with the protection of a traditional tactical boot - all built using lightweight material to keep you from feeling weighed down.

Bates dress shoes follow suit, with cement construction and a slip-resistant outsole that’s lightweight and flexible. Their mesh lining keeps your feet dry and comfortable during formal events and occasions so you can focus on more important things.

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The Bates Story

Bates has been manufacturing footwear for over 130 years. Founded in Webster, Massachusetts, in 1885, Bates started as a small footwear business, but steadily grew, providing high quality footwear for men and women. Bates manufactured over 1 million dress shoes for the government during WWII.

In the 1960's Bates developed a dress shoe for the Navy, the Navy Uniform Oxford, which was an overwhelming success. That success drove Bates to a new focus, which was to produce footwear for all branches of the armed services.

Purchased by Wolverine World Wide in 1969, Bates has leveraged their extensive product innovations and top quality material, to continue to excel in footwear comfort and durability. While the Bates shoes have become very popular for uniformed professionals, law enforcement, and first responders, Bates is still the largest supplier of footwear to the U.S. Department of Defense, and maintains their core focus to manufacture high-quality, highly innovative footwear for military, and first responders.